The job I have now is the first I've had where I'm officially managing people.  I was nervous at first (especially about disciplinary issues), but I'm absoluely loving it.  It helps that the students I manage are amazing. 

Lately my current student workers have been helping me interview student workers for next year.  It's nice to have their opinion, and it helps them learn more about what goes on in an interview and helps them learn to be more professional (win-win-win!). 

Yesterday after a few interviews and some good chats with a couple of my current student workers, I left work feeling good, but a little overwhelmed by the work I didn't have time to do because of sitting in interviews.  I came to work this morning a little hesitant to throw myself into a busy day.  I went on Facebook to check how many of my student workers had accepted the year end party invite, and that's when I saw that all of them changed their status last night to Katie L. Sawatsky is Boss! I sat there, staring at my computer with a big, dopy grin for a few minutes. 

What a sweet, amazing group of students!  I can't even imagine finding another group of employees as great as them.

What made you smile today?

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