Easter, and Spring in general, always makes me think about growth in the most horticultural sense.  I love to see new plants poking through the rough dirt.  When I was younger, I would cross-polinate plants and get such a kick out of seeing plants I had bred spring to life.

It always amazes me that plants live through our winter.  They freeze solid and then, in the spring, a tiny shoot sprouts from certain death.  It seems so.....redemptive. 
A favorite song of mine right now is "Wholly Yours" by David Crowder Band, and I feel like it's perfect for my Spring/Easter frame of mind.  Here are the lyrics of the first verse:

"I am full of Earth; You are Heaven's Worth
I am stained with dirt, prone to depravity.
You are everything that is bright and clean,
the antonym of me;
You are divinity.
But a certain sign of grace is this:
From the broken earth, flowers come up,
pushing through the dirt."

It is grace!  And it's grace from God poured on us that allows us to begin over as well.  I find that I need that grace ALL the time, because I screw up ALL the time (after all, I'm human).  It's so comforting to me that the God who brings back plants from dead roots every Spring can bring me back from spiritual death.  He's the same God that raised His son from the dead on Easter.  He is a God of power, renewal, and LIFE. 

And He wants us to LIVE IT!  Isn't that exciting?  Don't you just want to go outside and run around in the sunshine? 

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter everyone!

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