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Well, I'm back to painting after quite a hiatus.  I get so easily preoccupied.  Below are two of the latest.  The first is a stargazer lily (from a picture my husband took) - it's oil on canvas and about 2' x 3'.  The second isn't quite finished (I dread backgrounds), but it is an iris (from a picture I took) - it's oil on canvas and is 4' x 4' (crazy big).  I'm really liking both of them, and they were quicker to paint than I usually am.  Perhaps I'm becoming a more seasoned painter?  One can hope. :)

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Nate, Leah, Faith and Lainie said...

oh, kate. i love, love, love your paintings..and you :) miss you so very much. and one day when i have money...or maybe even when i don't...b/c will a teacher and social worker ever have money?....i am GOING TO COMMISSION YOU! much love from our clan, katie lynn.

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