Old Things, New Stories

I'm trying to remember to take pictures of paintings before I sell them these days.  It's always awkward to go to the people I've sold the painting to and ask them to take a picture of it.  I also want to keep a portfolio of them in some way, and I guess this place is as good as any for now, so here's some paintings from a ways back that I just haven't cataloged.

Tibetan Monks, oil on canvas, painted during college

A painting of my mom and her sisters when they were young, oil on canvas
(my mom is the second from the left--the prettiest one)

Painting of a young Chinese girls, acrylic on canvas, painted in high school
(photo credit: Steve Sawatsky)

Painting of a young Chinese boy, acrylic on canvas, my first portrait painting
(photo credit: Deb Schultz)

Tibetan children, oil on canvas, painted during college
(photo credit: Mike Stone)

Water Lily companion piece, oil on canvas, 3'x4'

New things in my life: Dinner at Hell's Kitchen with great friends from out of town, a garden full of blooming lillies (I'm taking pictures to paint from...), ripening raspberries, and flowering tomatoes.  A patio that is half-done and hopefully will be done this weekend, a car that I locked my keys in while it was running (my husband is on his way to help me), and lunch with my brother (today!).  

What's new in your life?

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